”Lou! Hurry up! The car’s gonna be here in 10 minutes!” Harry yelled.

     “M’not going! I don’t even like fashion,” Louis replied, looking at the selection of clothes management had sent over. “I don’t understand why they asked me to go - this is your thing.”

     “Yeah, but it’s your contract with TopShop. You get paid to be there.”

Louis rolled his eyes and grabbed a black sparkly jacket off the bed. “This is kind of nice.”

Harry barked out a laugh. “Of course you would choose that out of everything they sent over.”

     “What?” Louis asked examining the article of clothing. “It has sparkles on it.”

     ”I see that.”

     “Shut up,” Louis huffed. “What would you have me wear?”

Harry smirked and pulled Louis towards him. “I have a few ideas.”

     ”Oi!” Louis smacked his arm playfully. “I have to leave in a few minutes!”

     “Fine. Fine. Go finish getting ready and I’ll find you something to wear.”

Louis nodded and slipped into the bathroom to finish styling his hair. After a few minutes he stepped back into the bedroom to see Harry sitting on the bed with a pile of clothes next to him.

     “Those for me?”

Harry nodded and watched Louis pull on a pair of dark skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and finally the black sparkly jacket.

     “What do you think?” Harry asked.

Louis walked over to the mirror and admired Harry’s selection. “Honestly?”

Harry nodded. 

     ”I look like you.”

     ”Good,” Harry laughed. “I grabbed you a pair of shoes, too.”

Louis looked over his shoulder at the pair of dark suede shoes sitting on the bed. “Babe, those will never fit me.”

     “I know, but if you wear an extra pair of socks they should be fine.”

Louis laughed and accepted the shoes. “Thank you, babe.”

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